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The App Dev Empire

If you are reading this and still don’t have your own money making iPhone or iPad App empire YOU MISSED THE TRAIN, pal! Yep, you heard me right. Sounds harsh, I know, but someone needs to tell you the blatant truth already, so FACE IT: you missed the Gold Rush!

With 6 billion App downloads from theAppStore and over 750,000 approved apps, what are the chances your small little app will get noticed now in this ocean of competitor sharks? Yep, you will be eaten alive and all your hard work on creating the app will be wasted as it is nearly next to impossible to reach the Top 100 now, occupied by giants like Gameloft, Electronic Arts, and Capcom. Do you really think you are going to compete with Disney; with Angry Birds? Chances are you are not going to win this war, pal.

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Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool

If You Know How To Copy A File, My Guaranteed Solution Will Help You Remove All Traces Of The Redirect Virus.

The Google / Search redirect virus is one of the most common viruses of 2010-2013, infecting millions of computers around the World. Designed by expert hackers, it is highly annoying and will continually redirect your web searches to fake or dangerous websites. The main reason why this virus is is one of the most damaging is that it cannot be removed with traditional antivirus programs. Instead, you need to use special methods or tools to get rid of it, which have remained a mystery until now. is the solution to remove the search redirect virus from your PC. Created by a computer technician with over 10 years experience, this working method removes the virus at its core – removing the infection from your PC & preventing it from returning. My simple program will explain exactly what the virus is and will then remove it automatically for you.

You can use my Google Redirect Virus removal product on any version of Windows and with any web browser. I have cracked the code for how the virus works, and you’ll now be able to remove it from any Windows computer. You just need to install my step-by-step system and it will do the rest for you.

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Bonus Bagging

Open up your eyes…
Because when you have an extra £500 in your bank account that you can count on piling up each and every month…
…your life gets bigger.
Your boundaries expand.
The financial glass ceiling you’ve been living with lifts or outright shatters.
What once seemed financially impossible… becomes possible.
All the luxuries you told yourself aren’t within your reach suddenly find their way into your REAL LIFE, everyday experience.
Those are the happy consequences of having more money.
You get do all the stuff you could never afford.
A lot of people don’t even let themselves dream about things, like going on holiday, because it makes it that much more difficult to wake up every morning and work for The Man…
…or budget your life to make your lousy pension stretch as far as it can possibly go.
That’s NOT living.
That’s living to die.
Imagine though…
What if The Bonus Bagging Loophole gave you the dependable financial freedom to:
Pay off your bills and STOP being a slave to your credit cards or mortgage?
Go on holiday, near and far, to all the destinations you’ve always wanted to see?
Fire your boss and pursue even more lucrative streams of income?
Retire early (and comfortably), knowing you have a 100% dependable financial solution to live an amazing lifestyle… at your fingertips?
The Bonus Bagging Loophole accomplishes just that.
My proprietary bookmaker bonus insights and strategies will give you more of what you DO want… and WAY less of what you DON’T want.

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Overclock you CPU EXTREME!

You maybe thinking I’m sat here typing this on my Titan PC that is on par with the Deathstar. Well truth be known, it looks more like a clapped-out banger than anything the Empire can throw at you.

But I don’t care because my PC so UNBELIEVABLY FAST, it’ll outperform a PC worth thousands more hands down!

So how come my little gray box of tricks has the CPU horse power to take on any game head on which other PCs worth thousands more struggle with to keep up with?

Well over the years I’ve discovered, learned and mastered the art of taking any $200 CPU and turning it into a monster gaming CPU which will put these so called super PCs to shame!

Sounds impossible… But trust me it isn’t. Here’s Why…

The reason for this is because all CPUs from the same family are identical meaning your low-end budget CPU is basically the same as the top of the range CPU… Only they just have different clock settings.

But once I reveal how to access these “normally out of view” options and explain in layman terms the Matrix style jargon, then you too can finally get your PC firing on all cylinders and get the performance you truly crave!

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Computer Repair Home Study Course (view mobile)

“Save Money on Costly Repairs and
Even Start Your Own Business”

Now YOU Can Fix Your Computer All By Yourself and Never Take Your PC to the Repair Shop Again

From the Desk of Ty Price,
Tech Enthusiast & Producer of PC Repair Videos

Dear PC Owner,

Which makes you more frustrated… your computer that never seems to work properly, or spending hundreds of dollars repairing it each year?

What if I told you that you can save hundreds of dollars by simply fixing your computer yourself, and easily learn how to prevent future virus attacks and other mishaps?

Computer Attacks are at an All-Time High

It seems that every day another friend of mine’s Facebook account is getting hacked, their laptop fails to boot up, a hard drive dies, on and on…

Of course I get the occassional surprise visit from the evil computer leprechan myself, but for the most part, I prevent a lot of problems from ever occuring.

I work in a company of about 200 hundred people. Over the last 6 years here, I’ve fixed viruses, replaced RAM, installed hard drives, installed graphics cards, removed junk files, etc.

But I’m not in the IT department… Nope, I’m just your ordinary guy that decided to take matters in my own hands and learn about how computers work and how to fix them.

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