Gospel Artist YouTube Video Artwork Template


Gospel Artist YouTube Video Artwork Template - YouTube Social Media

Gospel Artist YouTube Video Artwork Template
Do you need artwork to compliment your playlist? Are you tired of the default thumbnails from social media video sites? Then this quality video thumbnail artwork is design to relieve your stress. It can be used for multiple types of channel themes, it also comes with a urban cinematic presentation complimented by a gorgeous color palette.
This will work on any video uploading website, Social Media, Video Editors, Projectors, after rendering from Photoshop  
It’s designed to draw attention in stunning HD 8k, 4k, and 1080p, 720p just choose your format and get to editing! If you need a unique presentation, this popular size should be a perfect fit, even for those on a budget. It is fully editable with color options.

Included in this file: Album Artwork NOT INCLUDED

1.    4 Photoshop Files 8k, 4k, 1080p , and 720p
2.  Tutorials
Typeface Used:
Kankin: http://www.dafont.com/kankin.font
Avenir: System Font


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